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Q:  Is there a Coat of Arms listed for my last name?

A:  Over 90% of names we research have a Coat of Arms listed for them, so the odds are good that we will be able to find your Coat of Arms.
Q: Why doesn't my Coat of Arms display when I select "PREVIEW YOUR COAT OF ARMS"?
A: We have loaded information for the most common names in our database. Please send us a message and we will alert our software developer you have made the request. You can e-mail us at
Q:  What languages are the Family Name Histories available in? 
A:  English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. When a Family Name History can not be found in a particular language, a translation can be ordered.

Q:  Are the Family Name Histories completely authentic?

A:  Yes, each Family Name History has been individually researched, using original resources, for a specific request. Each fact contained in a family name history has been inserted because of its historical relevance.

Q:  Do you have names from all over the world on your database?

A:  We have over a million family names, from all over the world, in our database. If your name doesn't happen to be in our database, we have professional employees that will research the name for you. Please CLICK HERE to order your name research or call us at 1-800-505-1168 to order your name research.

Q:  I'm not sure of the origin of my name... can you tell?

A:  Each of our employees is trained to assist in determining the country of origin, using our library of resource materials, we will study all aspects of your name to determine its origin. If it is determined to originate from more than one country, we will not fill an order without first contacting you.

Q:  So what if we just can't figure out which is your country of origin?

A: Our Friends at Ancestry have build a great database of information that can help you discover your roots. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.