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If your name is on this list, even if it is not spelled exactly as you spell it today, we probably have your specific family history. Remember, in medieval times most people were illiterate. Given this, each time an event occurred in their life that required documenting, i.e. a child’s birth, a christening, a wedding, a farm acquisition, the name was spelled by the individual recording the event. So one person may in fact have their name recorded with multiple spellings. Additionally, when the name was anglicized, it was probably a phonetic rendering of the original spelling. Given these thoughts, don’t despair if we don’t have your name spelled exactly as you spell it today. Your job is to be sure you spell your name correctly at checkout and you MUST indicate “Country of Origin”. Don't know origin or have any questions at all? Call 7days a week 10 am to 5 pm P.S.T. 800-505-1168 Thanks… Your Family Name Xanco Xander Xanders Xanthidi Xanthidis Xanthios Xantho Xanthopoulos Xanthopoulo Xanthos Xara Xargay Xau Xaubourel Xausa Xavier Xenos Xerri Xicota Xides Xidis Xifaras Xigues Xikis Ximenes Ximenez Ximénez Ximeno Xiques Xiriha Xirouchakis Xixis Xuarez Xuereb Xydis Xylander