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If your name is on this list, even if it is not spelled exactly as you spell it today, we probably have your specific family history. Remember, in medieval times most people were illiterate. Given this, each time an event occurred in their life that required documenting, i.e. a child’s birth, a christening, a wedding, a farm acquisition, the name was spelled by the individual recording the event. So one person may in fact have their name recorded with multiple spellings. Additionally, when the name was anglicized, it was probably a phonetic rendering of the original spelling. Given these thoughts, don’t despair if we don’t have your name spelled exactly as you spell it today. Your job is to be sure you spell your name correctly at checkout and you MUST indicate “Country of Origin”. Don't know origin or have any questions at all? Call 7days a week 10 am to 5 pm P.S.T. 800-505-1168 Thanks… Your Family Name Ya Yaag Yabar Yabek Yablon Yablonski Yablonsky Yabsley Yaca Yacachuri Yacachury Yacazuri Yaccarino Yaceyko Yach Yacino Yackanicz Yackel Yackey Yackley Yacklin Yacobi Yacovella Yacovelli Yacsula Yacubich Yacucci Yacuta Yadach Yadush Yaeckel Yaede Yaeger Yafet Yaffe Yager Yaghmour Yagle Yagodzinski Yagow Yagüa Yagudaev Yague Yagüe Yagues Yagües Yagues Yaguez Yahia Yahley Yahn Yahner Yahnke Yahre Yahres Yahuda Yahudi Yaist Yakalis Yakelewicz Yakich Yakimetz Yakimov Yakimovich Yakimowsky Yakimyshin Yakimyuk Yakomin Yakov Yakovenko Yakovich Yakovlev Yakse Yakshaw Yaksic Yaksick Yakubcho Yakubczak Yakubczuk Yakubosky Yakubow Yakum Yakunchikov Yakunikov Yakupcin Yakushev Yakutin Yaldelonde Yalden Yaldin Yale Yalelande Yalland Yalloly Yallop Yallopp Yallouz Yalock Yamada Yamaguchi Yamamoto Yamane Yamasaki Yamasato Yamashiro Yamashita Yamato Yamazaki Yambo Yambor Yambrick Yamialkowski Yamilkoski Yamini Yamiolkowski Yan Yanalavage Yanarelli Yancey Yanch Yanchuk Yanci Yandas Yandel Yandell Yanderick Yanders Yandle Yandoli Yanega Yanek Yanero Yanes Yáñes Yaney Yáñez Yanez Yang Yangakis Yangas Yangoukis Yanguas Yaniak Yanicelli Yanick Yanik Yanis Yaniscavitch Yanity Yank Yankanich Yankauskas Yanke Yankev Yankie Yankora Yankov Yankovich Yankovis Yankovoy Yankow Yankowsky Yanku Yann Yannayon Yannelli Yannes Yannetta Yanni Yannick Yannotta Yanny Yanocha Yanochko Yanosh Yanosky Yanov Yanovitch Yanovskaya Yanovych Yanowicz Yansen Yanson Yant Yantis Yanto Yantoc Yantsev Yantz Yanus Yanusas Yao Yap Yape Yaple Yapp Yarabinetz Yarama Yarasheski Yarber Yarboro Yarborough Yarbough Yarbray Yarbro Yarbrough Yarburgh Yard Yardas Yarde Yardeley Yardley Yardumian Yardy Yare Yared Yaregui Yarema Yaremenko Yaremich Yares Yarger Yarham Yarker Yarkosky Yarleque Yarlet Yarlett Yarley Yarlott Yarmak Yarmark Yarmendia Yarmouth Yarn Yarnall Yarnell Yarner Yarnold Yarnord Yarnould Yarnovich Yarnovna Yarnton Yaroch Yaroschak Yaroschuk Yarosh Yaroshin Yarosik Yaroslavl Yarr Yarranton Yarrington Yarrish Yarrow Yarsley Yarto Yartu Yartubi Yartz Yartzoff Yarum Yarvis Yarwood Yarworth Yaryan Yarza Yarzab Yaschinsky Yaschka Yaschuk Yaschyshyn Yascko Yaselsky Yash Yashaev Yashanov Yashin Yashinsky Yashnov Yashunin Yasikoff Yasilli Yasinchuk Yasinski Yaskel Yaskin Yaskiw Yasko Yaskoff Yaskovic Yaskulka Yaskus Yasmine Yasnyi Yassney Yastremski Yasuda Yatcilla Yate Yateman Yates Yatich Yatman Yatsula Yattaw Yatteau Yatzyshyn Yauch Yauger Yaun Yauss Yavinsky Yavor Yavorka Yavornitzki Yavorov Yavorski Yaw Yawman Yawn Yawney Yaworski Yaws Yax Yaxley Yazbek Yazeji Yazel Yazell Yazinski Yazvac Ybarbo Ybargoen Ybarguen Ybargüen Ybarguren Ybarra Ybarre Ybars Ybarzabal Ybiernas Ycezalaya Ydrach Yea Yeabsley Yeach Yeack Yeackes Yeadon Yeager Yeagley Yeahle Yeakel Yeakle Yeakley Yeallelond Yeaman Yeamans Yean Yeand Yeandle Yeane Yeanuzzi Year Yearberye Yearburye Yeardie Yeardley Yeardon Yeards Yeardye Yeargan Yeargin Yearley Yearly Yearn Yearout Yearry Yearsley Yearwood Yeary Yeastadt Yeasted Yeate Yeater Yeates Yeatman Yeaton Yeats Yeatter Yeatts Yeaw Yeawne Yeazel Yeazell Yebenes Yebes Yebra Yeck Yeckley Yeckly Yeckring Yedid Yedinak Yednak Yednok Yedon Yedra Yedro Yedynak Yee Yeeles Yeen Yeend Yeende Yeeton Yegehiaian Yegel Yegerlehner Yeggy Yegros Yeh Yehle Yehudah Yeich Yeigh Yeingst Yeiser Yeiter Yeitter Yekel Yelamo Yelamos Yelavich Yeles Yeley Yelicanin Yelich Yell Yelland Yelle Yellig Yellin Yellop Yellott Yellowlee Yellowley Yellowly Yells Yelm Yelmini Yelton Yeltoun Yelverton Yelvington Yem Yeman Yemes Yemm Yemme Yems Yen Yenawine Yenchick Yencho Yend Yendal Yendall Yendell Yendis Yendon Yenes Yenn Yenney Yenor Yensch Yenser Yentsch Yentzer Yenzer Yeo Yeoell Yeoh Yeoman Yeomans Yeomanson Yeon Yeoward Yeowart Yep Yepes Yepez Yepiz Yera Yerbury Yerby Yercovich Yerde Yerdeburch Yerdebure Yerdeleye Yerdon Yeregui Yeremeev Yerena Yerex Yerger Yergey Yergler Yerian Yerich Yerick Yerigan Yerington Yerke Yerkes Yerkess Yerkovich Yerks Yerman Yermen Yern Yerna Yernaux Yernawe Yernemuthe Yero Yerobi Yeron Yerpe Yerro Yerty Yerxa Yesa Yescas Yeschick Yesener Yesenev Yesensky Yesh Yeshe Yesho Yeskov Yeslinek Yessee Yesulaitis Yesulat Yetman Yetmar Yeton Yetsconish Yettasavage Yetter Yetto Yettre Yetts Yetzbacher Yeuell Yeulett Yevchak Yeverino Yevernio Yevich Yewar Yewell Yewen Yewer Yewers Yewlett Yewson Yexley Yezafovich Yezback Yezbak Yezbick Yeziorski Yezulinas Ygaña Yglesias Ygual Yguala Ygualate Yhole Yhoungar Yi Yianakopolos Yiannakopoulos Yielding Yienger Yiengst Yildirim Yilit Yim Yin Yindra Yinger Yingling Yip Yirga Ylinen Ylisela Ylissari Ylissarri Ylitalo Ylizal Ylizaliturri Ymbras Ynigo Yñigo Yñiguez Ynostroza Ynson Ynza Ynzaga Ynze Ynzenga Ynzunza Yoak Yoakum Yoanidis Yoars Yoas Yoast Yob Yocam Yocham Yochanan Yochem Yocherer Yochimowitz Yochmowitz Yochum Yockey Yocom Yocum Yocus Yoder Yodice Yodis Yodla Yodzio Yoe Yoegel Yoel Yoeli Yoell Yoes Yoest Yoeste Yoester Yogel Yoh Yoha Yohan Yohe Yohey Yohn Yohner Yoho Yokeley Yokes Yokley Yokoyama Yol Yoldelonde Yoll Yolland Yolleck Yollelonde Yolles Yollez Yomon Yompolski Yon Yonak Yonce Yonchuk Yonco Yonesawa Yonet Yong Yonge Yongehosebonde Yonish Yonk Yonker Yonkers Yonn Yonnel Yon-Tonnel Yonts Yontz Yonüsg Yoo Yool Yoos Yopp Yoppe Yopst Yorck Yordan Yordy Yore Yoreck Yorga Yorgey York Yorke Yorkey Yorks Yorkshear Yorksheer Yorksher Yorkshire Yorkstoun Yorkstounis Yorlamo Yormak Yormark Yoro Yorro Yorston Yorstone Yorstoun Yorten Yorton Yorty Yosef Yoshida Yoshimura Yoshitake Yoshitomi Yosioka Yoske Yoskin Yosko Yoskovitch Yoskowitz Yost Yosten Yotko Yotti You Youard Youart Youat Youatt Youd Youden Youel Youell Youens Youger Youghli Youhas Youin Youings Youker Youl Youlden Youle Youles Youll Youlton Youman Youmans Youn Younce Younes Young Youngar Youngblade Youngblood Youngdahl Younge Younger Youngers Younges Youngfrau Younghans Younghusband Younglas Youngless Youngman Youngpeter Youngquist Youngren Youngs Youngsma Youngson Youngsone Youngsoun Youngstoun Youngstrom Youngvorst Youngwirth Younie Younk Younker Younkes Younkins Younks Yount Yountt Yourell Yourenev Yourick Youriev Yourievitch Yourievsky Yourist Yourth Yousef Yousiph Youson Youssef Youst Youtcheff Youtman Yovan Yovich Yovino Yow Yowarde Yowe Yowehirde Yoxall Yoxley Yozsa Yrabedra Yracet Yrache Yrachet Yracheta Yratxet Yrausquin Yravedra Yriarte Yrigollen Yrineo Yrlas Yrttimaa Yruegas Yryarte Ysais Ysaiz Ysbert Yslava Ystueta Ysusqui Ysusquiza Ytom Ytten Ytter Ytterberg Yttri Yturriaga Yturzaeta Yu Yü Yuan Yubera Yubero Yucevicius Yuchas Yuchs Yudak Yudego Yudelewitz Yudelowitz Yuder Yudici Yudin Yudkin Yudko Yudovich Yudowitz Yuell Yuen Yufera Yugoslavia Yuguero Yuhas Yuhaschek Yuhasz Yuhos Yuile Yuill Yuille Yuiltoun Yukic Yukich Yukimura Yula Yule Yulfo Yull Yumet Yuncosa Yunes Yunez Yúñez Yung Yunge Yunger Yunghans Yunguera Yungwirth Yunie Yunik Yunker Yunnie Yunque Yuran Yurcaba Yurchak Yurchuck Yurcich Yurda Yure Yurecko Yurek Yurenda Yurev Yurga Yurgaites Yurgiewicz Yurguevic Yurick Yurish Yurisich Yurkanin Yurker Yurkevich Yurkevicz Yurkewich Yurkiewicz Yurkiw Yurko Yurkov Yurkowitz Yurkowski Yurkunas Yurmanov Yurowski Yurre Yurrebaso Yurri Yurukhin Yuryaev Yuschenkoff Yusen Yushchuk Yushkin Yushko Yushkov Yusiewicz Yusko Yust Yusta Yustas Yustco Yuste Yusti Yustis Yusuf Yuszko Yutter Yutterman Yutzy Yuvera Yuzakewich Yuzapaitis Yuzon Yvanauskas Yvars Yves Yzaguirre Yznaga Yzquierdo Yztueta Yzusqui